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CGIDEV2: Export your System i to the WEB with ILE-RPG
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If you know RPG, the easiest way for you to develop Web applications is to use the CGI technique. The CGI technique is not easy by itself. However we have made it so easy that after a little reading you would sit back and smile, because web programming is now just at your hand. As a matter of fact we teach, and provide tools, for a technique, based on a service program, that hides away any complexity from your code, while allowing you to define your Web pages external to your programs.
Any script language understood by a Web browser can be used to define your external Web pages, such as html, xml, wml, javascript.
This service program was originated by Mel Rothman, when he was in the IBM iSeries Custom Technology Center, Rochester (MN), U.S.. Mel did maintain this code for several years.
CGIDEV2 = CGIDEV Version 2
The first version of Mel's CGI service program (CGIDEV) was built in 1996 and published on the Easy400 site in July 1997.

The Version 2 CGI service program (CGIDEV2) became available in the last quarter of 1999 and was made available through the Easy400 site in January 2000.

CGIDEV2 was a great step forward both in terms of performance and ease-of-use.

Since then CGIDEV2 became one of the most attractive WEB development tools on the AS/400 (now System i) platform for ILE-RPG programmers.

CGIDEV2 enhancements CGIDEV2 enhancements   History of changes

In this site you'll find demos, tutorials, a lot of sample source code, but what's best, you may download anything you like, install and have it running on your System i, so that you can continue your learning from there. ...And, of course, as we are a non-profit site, this is totally free, and includes some remote support, should you ever care.

Look at our demos

Our demos are teaching vehicles. After running, you may go inside them, discover how they were made out, and read detail explanations of their designs.
  1.  Basic Demos 
    This is a set of simple demos, easy to understand, through which you may learn the basics of our CGI development method.

  2.  YachtWorld 
    This was Giovanni's first attempt to develop something more sophisticated. Going through it you would understand how to manage "subfiles" and how to hide information in the script for the client.
    To run this demo, first select your background color, then push the go button.
    Background colors white gray  
    light blue black
  3.  Centaur 
    Centaur is made of two e-commerce demos, one full page, the other based on frames. Though quite attractive, they are not for beginners. They become useful after getting rather acquainted with Mel's CGI development tool.
  4.  Get a virtual car 
    Would you like your CGI's to take advantage from some Javascript imbedded in their HTML scripts? This demo provides input validation and pop-up selection lists through some Javascript.
How many CGIDEV2 addicted?
  1. Subscribers from several countries
  1.  About HTTP directives for CGIDEV2 
     IBM System i HTTP Server Version 6 Release 1
Learning path
  1. Some Tips for your initial learning
  2. A small presentation covering what CGIs are and what are the advantages of our service program.
  3. We have a CGIDEV2 tutorial which goes through all the services provided by the CGIDEV2 service program with detail descriptions and code examples. You may:
  4. An HTML tutorial that you may also download and install on your System i or your PC
  5. A JavaScript tutorial : once you feel you know enough about HTML and CGI's, maybe it's time to breathe some intelligence into your client-scripts.
Hot pages
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