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About Mel's CGIDEV2 CGI service program
this means Version 2

Mel Rothman's CGIDEV2 CGI service program (cgisrvpgm2 in library cgidev2) provides tools that make it easier to write, test, debug, and maintain ILE-RPG CGI programs.

  1. link CGIDEV2 prerequisites
  2. link Some CGIDEV2 technical spec.s

1. CGIDEV2 prerequisites

CGIDEV2 requires now OS/400 V5R2 or subsequent.

For a detail description of CGIDEV2 components and features, please read Mel's readme.

  • Parsing the input string
    The parsing is based on the QzhbCgiParse API.
    Max. number of input variables 32,767
    Max. length of an input variable 32,767
    (special procedure for 64,000)
    Max. number of occurrences of the same input variable 8,200
  • Externally defined HTML output - physical source file
    Source record length 240 (132 compatible)
    Section name prefix default = /$
    user defined 10 char prefixes
    Section name max length 50
    Variable name delimiters default = /%   %/
    user defined 10 char delimiters
    Variable name max length 30
    Variable value max length 1000 char
    (special procedure for 16Mb)
    Max. number of sections 1000
    Max. number of unique variables in the source 16,221 across all sections
    Max. number of occurrences of variables in the source 32,767
  • Externally defined HTML output - IFS stream files
    Externally defined HTML outputs can be stored as PC files (stream files) in directories of the Integrated File System. By using this approach
    • it would be possible design external HTML scripts using HTML authoring tools, such as Microsoft Front Page, IBM Websphere Studio, or other.
    Directories containing externally defined HTML
    • do not require any HTTP directive to be accessed
    • for performance reasons, it is recommended be separate from directories accessed from the HTTP server, such as directories containing static HTML pages and/or images.

For a detail description of CGIDEV2 components and features, please refer to Mel's readme.