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 /$part1            **** START HTML
 Content-type: text/html
 Expires: Fri Jan 01 00:00:00 1999
 «!doctype html»
 «HEAD»«title»The opinion you asked for«/title»
 «meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"»
 «meta name="DOCUMENTCOUNTRYCODE" value="it"/»
 «meta name="DOCUMENTLANGUAGECODE" value="EN"/»
 «BODY TEXT="black" LINK="blue" VLINK="purple" ALINK="violet" BGCOLOR="white"»
 «TABLE width=600 border=0»
 «tr»«td width=100»«IMG SRC="/cgidev/pears.gif" width=100»«/td»
     «td width=500 valign=top»«font face="Arial,Helvetica,Helv" size=3»
     «font color=blue»«b»The opinion you asked for«/b»«/font»«br»«br»
     At «font color=brown»«b»/%TIMEEDIT%/«/b»«/font» my opinion about
     «font color=brown"»«b»/%ABOUT%/«/b»«/font» is
 /$answer1          **** 1ST TYPE ANSWER
 /$answer2          **** 2ND TYPE ANSWER
 /$answer3          **** 3RD TYPE ANSWER
 /$answer4          **** 4TH TYPE ANSWER
 "«b»A crash«/b»"
 /$answer5          **** 5TH TYPE ANSWER
 /$part3            **** END HTML
 «form METHOD="POST" action="/cgidev2p/exercise.pgm"»
 «Input type="HIDDEN" name="lng" value="/%LNG%/"»
 «Input type="HIDDEN" name="subject" value="/%ABOUT%/"»
 «Input type="SUBMIT" value="Retry"»
 «font size=2»
 «A HREF="/cgidev2p/dspsrc.pgm?cgiinp01=cgidev2&cgiinp02=demohtml&cgiinp03=exercise" target="_blank"»html
 skeleton of this page«/a» |
 «A HREF="/cgidev2p/dspsrc.pgm?cgiinp01=cgidev2&cgiinp02=qrpglesrc&cgiinp03=exercise" target="_blank"»source
 of this CGI«/A»«/font»
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