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 «Div class="CenteredTitle"»Computer Discount House«/div»
 Thank you very much, «B»/%custname%/«/B»,
 for taking the time to fill out
 the information we asked for.
 You entered the following data:
 E-mail address: «B»/%emailadd%/«/B»
 State: «B»/%state%/«/B»
 Years at address: «B»/%years%/«/B»
 You «B»have«/B»
 You «B»did not say«/B» whether you have
 ordered from us before.
 received a catalog from us before.
 You have worked with the following «B»/%oscount%/«/B» operating system environments:
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 We will send you an e-mail explaining our products and services.
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 Because we do not have your e-mail address, we cannot send you
 an e-mail explaining our products and services.
 Would you like to receive the package, please use your
 browser's back button and enter your e-mail address and
 resubmit the form.
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 The programmer has been notified.
 Please try again later.
 Your friendly Computer Discount House programming staff.
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