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 /$top                   **** TOP SECTION
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 «head»«title»Response to Boats Search«/title»
 «meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"»
 «meta name="DOCUMENTCOUNTRYCODE" value="it"/»
 «meta name="DOCUMENTLANGUAGECODE" value="EN"/»
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 «table width="600"»
 «tr»«td align=center»
         «img alt="YachtWorld.com" border=0
 «tr»«td»«div class=title»
         Boats Search Results«/div»
 «tr»«td align=center»«font color="/%TXTCOLOR%/"»
         «hr width="50%"»«/td»«/tr»
 «tr»«td align=center»
         «b»Your search criteria:«/b»
         Boat type=/%type%/
         ;Length=/%minlen%/ to /%maxlen%/ /%units%/
         ;Year built=/%minyea%/ to /%maxyea%/
         ;Price=/%minpri%/ to /%maxpri%/
 /$howmany               **** HOW MANY BOATS MATCH YOUR SEARCH
 «table width="600"»
 «tr»«td align=center»
         «hr»«div class=subtitle»
         /%boatscnt%/ boats matched your search
 /$0found                **** ZERO FOUND
 «table width="600"»
 «tr»«td»«div class=subtitle»
          Please restart your search using less restrictive criteria
 /$30more                **** MORE THAN 30 FOUND
 «table width="600"»
 «tr»«td»«div class=subtitle»
         More than 30 matches found.
         Select «i»
         «a href="#MORE"»
         Show /%boatsleft%/ More«/i»«/a»
         below to see more matches.
 /$tablestr              **** TABLE START
 «table width="600"»
 «tr»«td align=center»«div class=subtitle»
         Click on the vessel to view one,
         or select multiple vessels and choose
                 «a href="#SHOW"»
         «i»Show these vessels«/a»«/i»«/div»
 «table border=/%LB%/ width="580"»
         «form method="post" action="/cgidev2p/boatsch2.pgm"»
         «input type=hidden name=lng     value="/%LNG%/"»
 /$tablerow              **** TABLE ROW
         «input type="checkbox" name="serno" value="/%bnbr%/"»«/td»
     «td align=right»/%BOLD%//%blen%//%usymb%/«/td»
         «a href="/cgidev2p/boatsch2.pgm?serno=/%bnbr%/&bckgnd=/%BCKGND%//%bmaker%/ /%btype%/«/a»
     «td align=right»/%BOLD%//%bprice%/«/td»
 /$tableend              **** TABLE END
 /$foundsome             **** FORM SUBMIT
 «table width="600"»
         «input type="hidden" name="bckgnd" value="/%BCKGND%/"»
         «a name="SHOW"»
         «input type="submit" VALUE="Show these vessels"»«/a»
 /$showmore              **** SHOW THE NEXT PAGE
     «td align=right»
         «form method=get  action="/cgidev2p/boatsch1.pgm"»
         «input type=hidden name=lng     value="/%LNG%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=bckgnd  value="/%BCKGND%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=lstbrd  value="/%n%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=boatnbr value="/%a%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=type    value="/%b%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=maker   value="/%c%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=units   value="/%d%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=minlen  value="/%e%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=maxlen  value="/%f%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=minyea  value="/%g%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=maxyea  value="/%h%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=minpri  value="/%i%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=maxpri  value="/%j%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=city    value="/%k%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=state   value="/%l%/"»
         «input type=hidden name=country value="/%m%/"»
         «a name="MORE"»
         «input type=submit value="Show /%boatsleft%/ more"»«/a»
 /$noinput               **** INPUT STRING WAS EMPTY
 «tr»«td»«div class=subtitle»
         Your input got lost.«br»
         Go back and start a new search.
 /$endhtml               **** END OF PAGE
 «table width="600"»
 «tr»«td align=center»«hr»
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