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Tips for installation on your AS/400
this means Version 2
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Installing our CGI development material on your AS/400 provides you with faster facilities for learning and implementing your CGI applications. In fact, most of the pages you may see on our site
can be installed and run locally on your AS/400.
The main library you may download and install on your AS/400 is
  • cgidev2: basic demos, service program, tutorials, and all the sources.
Though the installation process of this library is usually of no concern, and the adding of the http directives to your default http server is automated during the installation process, there might be customer cases where attempts to run our CGIs result into some failures.

We recommend that you run the test provided by page
Test your http server functionality for CGIs
to check out the status of your http server.

Some tips
  1. If your http server is found not to respond appropriately, most likely your OS/400 is missing some PTF(s). The question would then be
    which PTFs am I missing?
    The name of the game is:
    install the latest PTF cumulative for product 5769DG1, IBM HTTP Server for AS/400.
  2. Check out your AS/400 QCCSID sysval. If it is 65535, we recommend to change it to the appropriate one for your country (e.g. 37 for U.S., 280 for Italy).
    That has no impact to your existing applications, unless you run some application which explicitely requires CCSID 65535.
    If you leave system value QCCSID at 65535, CGIDEV2 will suffer from the following troubles:
    • wrong character conversions in the output HTML (for instance: JavaScript functions will not work)
    • wrong character conversions for the data inputted from the client (characters like | ! & @ # would be badly converted).
    Should you however need to keep 65535 for QCCSIS system value, please read carefully FAQ#1, which suggests an alternate solution.