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 Date: Wed, 07 May 1997 13:56:25 +0000
 From: Geof Barker 
 Subject: Re: Your Permission

 Dear Mr. Perotti:

 Thank you for your kind note.  You are quite welcome to incorporate
 images from YachtWorld into your training materials; please consider
 this message to constitute permission to do so.

 Best regards,

 -Geof Barker wrote:
 > Dear Sir,
 > I am currently developing some technical material to be used
 > for customer education, the area being CGIBIN programmming for
 > Internet/Connection on IBM AS/400 platform.
 > Being a boat fan, I happened to visit YachtWorld Boat For Sale
 > Internet pages many times. There one enjoys a real superbe presentation.
 > So now, my dream would be to include some of it, a few GIFs, some HTML
 > texts, and some boat JPGs in the exercises I will prepare for
 > our education labs.
 > This is why I am asking your kind permission to do it.
 > Of course, it would be my obligation to appropriately disclaim
 > this material and to encourage my students to visit Cobalt Group
 > developed pages, thus adding to their enjoyment some business
 > opportunities.
 > Looking forward to hear from you, please receive my best regards.
 >                            Giovanni B. Perotti
 > Cordiali saluti / Mit freundlichen Gren / Med venlig hilsen
 > Met vriendelijke groeten/ Best regards ...  Giovanni B. Perotti

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