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2. Q:  How can I start a page in a new window?
A:  The tag <A> supports the keyword target which lets you specify the destination of a page.
  • <A HREF="..." target="_blank">
    starts a page in a new window
  • <A HREF="..." target="xxx">
    starts a page in an existing window named xxx; if this doesn't exist yet, it is created.
  • <A HREF="..." target="_top">
    starts a page in the current window, after clearing it; this is used when you work with frames and you want to get back to the full window.
If you do not specify the target keyword, the page is started in the current window or frame.
The keyword target may be also specified in the form tag. As an example:
<form method="post" action="/mypath/mypgm.pgm" target="_blank">
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