FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What if my System i runs with system value QCCSID 65535?
2. How can I start a page in a new window?
3. How can I control from my CGIs the cache of a remote browser?
4. When should I use method GET, and when should I use method POST in my CGIs?
5. Can you give the URL of a site providing a fully uptodate html reference manual?
link 6. How should I configure TCP/IP for the Internet?
7. Can you summarize the steps I have to go through in writing my first CGI?
8. How can I predict the performance of my CGIs?
9. How can I give more performance to some selected WEB pages?
10. How can a CGI check whether an IFS object is available?
11. How to develop some simple graphs (bar charts) using just HTML
12. Some special characters I key in my HTML source members show different on my Web pages.
Why? How can I solve this?
13. Is it possible to have a form with multiple buttons?
14. How can I use my AS/400 to send mail?
15. How can I automatically refresh a Web page?
16. Is there any way I can ease my RPG controls on numeric input fields? How about a date field?
17. [obsolete] Netscape 6 does not display any images, gif's or jpg's. How can I fix this?
18. [obsolete] The output from my CGI is correctly interpreted by MS Internet Explorer, whereas Netscape Navigator would display it as a plain text. What should I do to have also Netscape interpreting the HTML output from my CGI?
19. Any tips for handling a textarea with a CGI?
20. Is it possible, in the same CGI, to run more than one gethtml or gethtmlifs?
21. Is there any way to dynamically merge other html scripts into a given html?
22. What is the favicon.ico request that my site receives now and then?
23. Under given circumstances, my CGI should link to another site. How to implement this?
24. Where can I find documentation about TCP/IP port restrictions?
25. How can I set up a SPAM filter on my SMTP?
26. What is better for performance: a single activation group for all CGIs, or a different activation group for each program?
27. How can a CGI control duplicate inputs?
28. How to start with frames? Any examples? Any tips?
29. How can I disable the right mouse for a given HTML page?
30. How can a CGI respond with a document?
31. Is it there any utility that would allow me to upload IFS objects via HTTP?
32. How can I link from an HTML page to a page generated from IBM WebFacing tool?
33. How can I tell the HTTP server not to search the whole IFS for an image that is not found?
34. HTTP default port 80 is used by some other production HTTP service. How can I create an HTTP instance on another port to run CGIDEV2 and my future CGI developments?
35. Is it there an easy way to determine if an HTML section is available to issue a WrtSection upon?
36. Any JavaScript allowing to check an e-mail address input field?
37. How do I convert escaped sequences?
38. Can you provide an example of integrating WEB and E-Mail?
39. How to implement an Apache HTTP configuration for CGI?
40. Can username and password be part of the URL?
41. How can I display a PDF stream file without displaying its URL?
42. How can I change the activation group of service program CGISRVPGM2?
43. How can a CGI generate a link (with a query string containing special characters) in its output HTML?
44. How can I migrate to SSL (HTTPS) an HTTP instance?
45. How can I set up a library list for my CGI HTTP instance?
46. How can I disable the back-page arrow button?
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